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ARNOC comprises a qualified and certified geologist and drilling engineer, whose skills and experiences are utilized in oil & gas exploration and production from upstream to downstream sector


Drilling & Testing Consulting

  • Design drilling programs
  • Facilitate well placement, bottom hole assembly (BHA), drilling fluid and casing design, information management and more
  • Deliver drilling performance
  • Optimum data acquisition
  • Drill stem testing design, fluid sampling design and planning, and Surface Well testing

Subsurface Reservoir Evaluation and Development

  • Seismic QC and interpretation
  • Geological evaluations
  • Quantitative log evaluations
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Production geology and static geological modeling
  • Dynamic simulation with the 3D static geological modeling

Oil & Gas Asset Valuation

  • Reserves/resources valuation and its associated production
  • Asset valuation including surface facilities, equipment and infrastructure, processing plants, offshore structures, refineries, loading facilities, pipelines, and the cost of property and buildings.


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PT Arnoc Indonesia Energi

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