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A powerful, reliable and DWG compatible CAD solution one affordable ZWCAD guarantees lifelong design quality and productivity

ZWCAD Mechanical is designed for use by users who work in the Mechanical area. With highly supportive tools, you can produce simple designs for sophisticated results.

ZWCAD Mechanical provides abundant tools such as shaft generator, tolerance dimension, surface texture symbol, balloon and BOM and standards parts for mechanical 2D sheet drawing.


  • Intelligent Drawing Environment.
  • Mechanical Parts and Generator with Comprehensive part library.
  • Extended Tools for Manufacturing.
  • Professional Mechanical 2D Sheet Drafting.
  • Built On ZWCAD, Easy to Use, 100% DWG.
  • Smart Annotation with Power Dimension, Multiple Dimensions, Detect Dimension Overlap, Rapidly
  • Design by using Mechanical Symbols.
  • Intelligent Balloon and BOM


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